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The Nigerian union Of Voters (NUOV) organizes for fundamental enlightenment of voters, protection of votes and strengthening the fundalmental democratic principles and ideals. in which shall result to economic justice, social change, human rights and redistribution of power, all grounded in democracracy.

The foundations of NUOV are rocksolid on effective economic justice & social change which are voters education, community building, and organizing, just like what trade union or labour union will do as an organization.

NUOV are group of people who have come together to achieve common goals; such as protecting the integrity of their constituency and their votes.

The NUOVs, through her leadership, bargains on behalf of member-voters and negotiates services and constituency projects and contracts (collective bargaining) with constituency representatives.

The most common purpose of our union is maintaining or improving the relationship between the voters and the voted.

1. We design our manifestos
2. We design our constituency projects
3.. We sponsor our politicians
4. We donate our money
5. We sign accords and play by the rules
6. We present our interest before electing officer

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