Case 01
Location: Maitama – Abuja
The 9 Security guards that were not paid salary for 8 months. Despite the fact that their salary is only 18,000 naira monthly and that they guard mansions rented for 10 million naira per anum.
We researched the owners of the mansions and the company. We made phone calls to them. Shamelessly, they did not yield. So we escalated case to social media, mostly on the facebook. Where it shared widely with deserving comments unti it got to them.
Then they called us. After hot argument over the phone,  they finally yielded and pay the guards 5 months salary.
unfortunately, it is a common practice in Abuja to have guards work months on-end without salary. Whenever the guards got tired and quite, the company simply hires another guard. And the vicious circle continues.
We write to the Minister of interior to institute a 5-Points Pro-Rating policy for all security guard companies. So that they are rated according to their staff welfare and training standards. Something similar to hotel (5-star) rating. Security business provides peace of mind to clients and to do this requires maximum concentration. But an hungry guard is a desperate man, not good for security.

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