A BCO END OF YEAR CASE REPORT Case 03 Posted December 2, 2017 by admin


Location: Lube-Abuja
The Case of sexual abused of Nanny. Where 13 year old orphan, taken in by an aunt (immidiate junior sister to deceased mother), was being molested by aunt’s husband. The nanny claimed the aunt was aware of the abuse but looked the other way. When the child finally summoned courage to fight back. it only made matter worse as the man resorted to severe physical abuse. It was when the school noticed the marks on her body did they rushed to the hospital. But instead of the hospital to involve police,  the Chief Medical Doctor, who was said to be the family friend to the abuser,  ordered the girl be released back to hand of the abusers.
This is when BCO was called from a high level senator’s office to take over the case.
We were able to escalate the case with phone calls to them hospital and onto the social media.
Thanks to our hardworking Hamid Bakare, who shared the post widely . And within
1 hour, the police was called and the couples were arrested.
3 days later,  we received phone call that child was released from the social welfare who sent her back to her village.
Without resources we can not do a follow up.
Government needs to establish grant giving program to assist NGOs/CSOs so that they can function better.

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