A BCO END OF YEAR CASE REPORT Case 04 Posted December 2, 2017 by admin


Location: Kubwa-Abuja
The Case of a Child Mother.
A 13 year old child came home with a guy who works as a guard in the neighborhood. She said the guy has come to ask her hand in marriage. Well, the parents asked the guy to go home and bring his family.  Which the guy did and came back with two elderly men same day.
Well they were wedded together right there and off he went with his wife.
11 months later, the girl gave birth to twins. But guy disappeared at the hospital, I guess fearing responsibility of twins. But the new mother developed complication.  Parents called the man family but they said they were not real family to the guy. And that they don’t know him very well but he’s a muslim😳 and they pray together Athena neighborhood mosque. That they just merely followed him and pretended he was their son.
Sadly, the child-mother dead after few days in the hospital without treatment due to lack of money. But right now, it turned out that girl’s family were also not the real family. They too now claimed, she’s just their maid and not their daughter as earlier claimed.
Babies are doing fine but stranded in the hospital. And that’s when BCO was called.
a lovely lady has taken in the twins.  BCO has included the twins in our upcoming donation exercise, next Saturday, December 9th, 2017
PLS JOIN US next Saturday, December 9th, 2017 @National Stadium Abuja, Package B. And drop us your fairly used clothes and a token will be highly appreciated

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