A BCO END OF YEAR CASE REPORT Case 05 Posted December 2, 2017 by admin


Children on drugs. Way too numerous to mention. Calls from Kano,  Kaduna to Niger State.
Case 6:
Domestic disputes and welfare.
Overwhelming numbers of cases to mention but here is one.
A 46 year old lady who got married at age 17 to her husband, was sent packing after almost 30 years of childless marriege.
Sometimes last year, unknowing to the wife, the husband met a lady who works at a fertility clinic. The lady convinced the man to try the clinic fertility procedure to test his fertility level. Whatever reproductive problem they found in the man, they were able to correct. Because the clinic woman became pregnant for the man. Even though this shows that it was his fault all these years and not his wife’s. To make matter worst,  the wife was unaware of the whole development. Only to want to kick his wife out of the house.
BCO was called because he drove the wife out of the house. Quote unquote,  the wife is too old to now have a baby and way too old to try any of the clinic procedures. And so the war started.
The wife of course was very distraught.
During our discussion with the man,  it was obvious the clinic woman convinced him his wife is too old.  We believe she’s instigating the man because she wants to have him to herself alone.
We werent able to make the man take his wife back but he agreed to rent her a house with some basic welfare assistance.
government needs to promote alimony.

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